100 catalan women, 100 creative inspirations

“100 dones catalanes, 100 inspiracions creatives”

(available in Catalan)

Texts and selections by Antoni Gelonch
Preface by Mónica Terribas

This book gathers the thoughts of a hundred Catalan women who have reflected on art, the creative process and the role of women in artistic production. From the 19th century to today. From Rosa Sensat to Txell Bonet, besides Caterina Albert, Aurora Bertrana, Montserrat Roig, Sol Picó, Natza Farré and Lita Cabellut, among many other. A hundred selected texts that are especially inspiring and make us think about the artistic fact and the art of living. A feast of the senses and of thought, with women who have marked their time and who have raised their voces to make society evolve.


Edited by Viena Edicions
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