Agreement between the Gelonch-Viladegut Collection and the Monastery of Poblet for the artistic promotion of Monastery Poblet’s Museum

In the framework of the project Cosmos Poblet, it has been signed an agreement of collaboration between the Gelonch-Viladegut Collection, private collection of engravings and books of art, and Poblet’s Monastery for the accomplishment of a set of exhibitions and actions centered on this artistic technique in this Catalan Monastery.

The agreement wants to develop a set of aims, among them, the fact of turning Poblet into a center of culture, following the line of the Festival of Ancient Music and the International Festival of Organs of Poblet, the promotion of the cultural tourism and the collaboration between different patrimonial centers.

It is set within the agreement of collaboration the accomplishment of four exhibitions, principally with the fund of the Gelonch-Viladegut Collection and of the own museum of Poblet’s Monastery:

Images to believe, produced with the collaboration of the Barcelona History’s Museum, foreseen for the year 2018,

Joan Miró and the Cosmos, foreseen for the spring of the year 2019,

The engraved Bible, programmed for the year 2020,

The Way of the Cross, raised for the Holy Week on the year 2021. Fourteen contemporary artists will elaborate a work linked with 14 stations of the Way of the Cross.

From Poblet’s Monastery the agreement is very positively valued as a collaboration that opens the possibility of collaborating with other institutions, entities and private collections.


Poblet, November 27th 2017


The Abbey Octavi Vilà and Mr. Antoni Gelonch-Viladegut signing the document of collaboration. Poblet’s Monastery