A Lucas

We know a very few data concerning this engraver. It is possible to know his monogram regarding the book “Monogrammenlexikon” by Heller, and shared in the volume “Dictionnaire de monogrammes, marques figurées, lettres initiales, noms abrégés, etc. avec lesquels les peintres, dessinateurs, graveurs et sculpteurs ont désigné leurs noms” by François Bruillot (L’Institut Littéraire Artistique de la Librairie de J.G. Cotta, Munich, 1832).

He did some etchings and he was active in Darmstadt (Germany) and, studying the subjects developed for him, probably, he accompanied the Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt to Spanish Succession War. He did an important number of engravings present the battles and sieges of this War.

Here you can see the artist's works that are part of the collection.