Cornelis Koning

Haarlem, 1601

Cornelis Koning

Cornelis Coning or Koning (1601 – 3 April 1671), was an engraver and mayor of Haarlem.

He was born in Haarlem as the son of Hendrick Hendricksz and Neeltje Soeteman. He was also known as Coningh or Koninck and engraved oval portrait prints of religious figures. These were mostly in collaboration with Samuel Ampzing, who wrote many poems to accompany them. He is best known today for his portrait painted by Frans Hals. He was also painted by Hals again as the lieutenant standing in the schutterstuk The Officers of the St George Militia Company in 1639 between the captains Michiel de Wael and Florens Pietersz van der Hoef. Coning is wearing a white sash indicating his position as head of the White vendel of the St. Adrian’s schutterij 1636-1639, but since he later served in the St. Joris schutterij as captain from 1642-1651 he probably asked to be included in their commemorative group portrait. His brother Hendrick is also portrayed in the same painting. He had served the previous period in the St. George militia, but would become lieutenant in the St. Adrian militia for the next period of service.

He died in Haarlem 3 April 1671.

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