George Glover

George Glover (active 1625–1650) was an English engraver, working in the reign (1625-1649) of Charles I. He mainly worked for London publishers, including Robert Peake, Thomas Banks, John Hinde and Peter Stent.

He published a plate of Queen Henrietta Maria, after a painting by Van Dyck.

Glover worked somewhat in the manner of John Payne. His engravings included portraits of: Charles I; Henrietta Maria; Charles II; Catherine of Braganza; James, Duke of York; Mary, Princess of Orange; Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, on horseback; Sir William Brereton, on horseback; Yaurar Ben Abdalla, ambassador from Morocco; John Pym; Dr. John Preston; Sir William Waller, and others.

Several of these and other portraits were engraved for the booksellers as frontispieces to books; Glover also engraved numerous title-pages. A broadside engraved by him gives the portraits and biographies of William Evans, the giant porter, Jeffrey Hudson, the dwarf, and Thomas Parr, the very old man. Some of Glover’s portraits, such as those of Sir Thomas Urquhart and Innocent Nathanael Witt, an idiot, were engraved from the life. His earliest works bear the address of William Peake, , for whom most of the early English engravers worked. Glover’s own portrait was engraved by R. Grave, jun., from a drawing once in William Oldys’s possession

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