John Christoforou

Londres, 1921

John Christoforou

John Christoforou (London, March 10, 1921- Paris, February 3, 2014) was a British painter of Greek heritage. He spent his childhood in Greece, but returned to England in 1938. With the outbreak of the war he joined the Royal Air Force, where he flew missions in the Far East.

Christoforou had his first exhibition in 1949. In 1957, he moved to Paris and participated in a show with Enrico Baj, Jorn and Mihailovitch at Galerie Rive Gauche. Galerie Birch (Copenhagen), with whom Christoforou worked with for many years, will be paying tribute to his legacy with a solo exhibition, “Hommage à Christoforou” on May 3, 2014.

Collections include: Tate Gallery, London; Frissiras Museum, Greece; Nottingham City Museums and Galleries; Beaux Art Museum, Toulouse; Beaux Art Museum Nantes; Contemporary Art Society, London; Museum of 20th Century Art, Vienna; Kunst Museum, Randers, Denmark; Kunst Museum Silkeborg, Denmark; Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, Paris.

He became known for his powerful expressionist figure paintings, reflecting his solitary and slightly dystopian view of the human condition. His work was of heroic scale, with vivid color, dynamic blacks and vigorous brushwork.

Here you can see the artist's works that are part of the collection.