Boston as example

I praised the modernity of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, programming two exhibitions of graphical work this summer. Well, this autumn one can visit 4 exhibitions of engravings in the area of Boston. And, in my view, that’s obviously a great news

In the Harvard Art Museums (concretely, in the Arthur Sackler Museum building) one can visit the exhibition “Prints and the pursuit of Knowledge in Early Modern Europe “, a brilliant one that will be accompanied in addition by a Symposium, on the 2 and 3 December, guided visits,  conferences,  concerts …A really superb programme!

In the center of another University, at the Boston University Art Gallery’s, you can visit the exhibition ” Dancing with the Dark: Joan Snyder Prints 1963-2010 “. Joan Snyder is an artist known for imaginative expressionist, with a feminist and fairly graphical style.

And in the Museum of   Fine Arts, one of the big Bostonian institutions  for art, perhaps the major one, we can see up to two exhibitions based on engraving: ” Two Masters of Fantasy: Bresdin and Redon” and ” Europe at Mid-Century: Dubuffet, Giacometti, Picasso… “

Might this significant presence of the engraving in the artistic Bostonian life be announcing what could end up in our European countries? Might it become reality that what happens in the United  States ends up happening later inEurope? Is it always true that they are ahead of us? Could we have an effect of contagion and see, sometimes, exhibitions of engravings in the museums and galleries of our cities?

Provided that I am optimistic by nature, I won’t deny that the spill over could take place, in case  our political and cultural managers decide not to apply the “anti-engraving vaccine” that they seen to have acquired in considerable quantities … I would so much us to be as modern as the people of Boston! For the engraving’s world and in my opinion, the Bostonian art’s institutions are a strong example. A wonderful example.

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