The 10 best exhibitions in the USA this winter

First of all, Merry Christmas ans a Happy 2014, full of art and artistic creation.

And secondly, the list of 10 best art’s exhibitions in the USA this winter 2013-2014. To star a year 2014 full of art! And the list is…


-“The period of Picasso and Matisse: moderns masters of the Art’s Institute of Chicago”. 06.10.2013-16.02.2014. Kimbell Art Museum, Fort-Worth (Texas)

-“John Singer Sargent: Watercolors”. 13.10.2013-20.01.2014. Museum of Fine Arts of Boston (Massachusetts).

-“Elegant Contortions.: Renaissance Prints”. 09.07.2013-30.03.2014. Museum of Fine Arts of Boston (Massachusetts).

-“Rembrandt the Ercher”. 10.08.2013-17.02.2014. Museum of Fine Arts of Boston (Massachusetts).

-“The American West in Bronze”. 18.12.2013-13.04.2014. MeT, New York (New York).

-“Sorolla and America”. 13.12.2013-19.04.2014. Meadows Museum, Dallas (Texas).

-“From the Renaissance to Goya: engravings and drawings from Spain”. 14.12.2013-09.03.2014. New Mexico Museum of Art. Santa Fe (New Mexico).

-“The period of Impressionism: paintings from the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute”. 22.12.2013-23.03.2014. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Texas).

-“Isa Genzken, Retrospective”. 23.11.2013-10.03.2014. MoMA, New York (New York).

-“Kandinsky in Paris 1934-44”. 28.06.2013-23.04.2014. Guggenheim Museum, New York (New York).




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