What is Culture?

Let the people have access to beauty, to collections, to knowledge, books, museums, heritages. This is not any more, in my opinion, a mission, a priesthood or a performance. Culture is not any more this mysterious region, according to the ” Petit Prince “, reserved to a few insiders, but a set of services offered to a population whose level of education level is rising and which is more and more linked  within a digital and interconnected world.

Culture needs much less to be democratized: public administration is no more the only one to promote it. Culture is within reach of a click today. New partners have taken over power: local authorities, sponsorship, so that the role of the industries becomes major. It is not completely new: from Gutenberg to Disney, the manufacturers and the industries counted in the culture. Now they command (more in some countries than in the others). The scale changed: we moved from the cabinet of curiosities to Internet access.

The word culture gets old fashioned. This word is sick of archaisms, of ambiguities, of nonsense, good feelings… Hasn’t it served as an alibi to the better and for the worse? E pur si mouve …

Let us notice, thus, frankly speaking that culture became an emancipation and a world in extension and that the government officials have to find its place there, to gather its strengths and to specify its missions. But people, citizens, will have a word to say and they are going to choose more and more, without the fear of the word “culture” but with the will to exercise it in everyday life.

Because it will be necessary to remind that no spiritual or intellectual adventure is ever ended; that no dancing show, no construction of words, no colour, can be denied having mystery, by enjoyment, entertainment and hope.

Culture exists because it is a hard struggle between the eternal and the short-lived, the beautiful and the ugly, the right way and the inequitable.

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