The house of love

The Castle of Vauvenargues, near Aix-en-Provence, in France, has been opened to guided visits, for 2 years now, but only in summer.

The Castle of Vauvenargues was the residence, between 1958 and 1960, of Pablo Picasso and his family, Jacqueline first of all. The park of this castle is the resting last home of Pablo and Jacqueline, united for eternity under a big sculpture of the genius himself conceived, like “Guernica”, for the pavilion of the Spanish Republic at the 1937 World Fair of Paris.

Vauvenargues has been for Pablo Picasso a place of creativity; of family life in harmony; of privileged and direct contact with the “Sainte Victoire” mountain, painted and cherished by Cézanne; and of communion with the Provençal villagers so similar to his beloved Catalans. It was a place for sharing with friends…a place inhabited by love, worked with love and with the particular passion and the strength of the genius.

Picasso’s life, for most of it, had unrest for main characteristic. Usually, we imagine him as somebody difficult to live with. Therefore his years in Vauvenargues can appear so particular, because it represents the other side of the medal.

If you have the opportunity, I deeply recommend you to visit this Castle. You will be warmly welcomed. You will enjoy a well documented guided visit, without the hurry and slavery of the watch that we can feel in other places. And furthermore, you’ll see this summer a very interesting exhibition of engraving by Picasso. But altogether, it is worth to privilege a visit to the place where the Master was happy, it is a real privilege to visit to an authentic house of love.


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