The better exhibitions in Italy this spring

Italy is a country favoured in any domain of the arts that one desse to see. For it it is always interesting to get lost for someone of your Cities and for your rich and varied Museums. If you want and can do an artistic trip this spring, here I offer you a list of 8 exhibitions that not deberiáis to get lost:

-“Edvard Munch”, Palazzo Ducale, Genova (Italia), 06.11.2013-27.04.2014

-“Les Grazie d’Antonio Canova”, Museo Antonio Canova, Possagno (Italia), 06.12.2013-04.05.2014

-“Vassily Kandinsky a la Collezione del Centre Pompidou”, Palazzo Reale, Milano (Italia), 17.12.2013-04.05.2014

-“Montserrat, grande operi della Abbadia”, Fort de Bard (Italia), 31.01-02.06.2014

-“À travers Rodin. La sculpture italienne de la première moitié du XIXè Siècle”, Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea, Roma (Italia), 11.02-18.05.2014

-“Pissarro, l’âme de l’Impressionnisme”, Scuderie del Castello Visconteo, Pavia (Italia), 21.02-02.06.2014

-“Pontormo e Rosso Fiorentino. Divergenti vie delle ‘maniera'”, Palazzo Strozzi, Firenze (Italy), 08.03-20.07.2014

-“Frida Kahlo”, Scuderie del Quirinale, Roma (Italia), 20.03-13.07.2014


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