Paris, Paris, Paris

The first article publied in this blog, on May 28th 2011, has this title:’Paris will always stay in us…’And I wrote that:

“For decades the Europeans, and we Catalans do not make an exception to it, considered Paris as the lighthouse for art, transgression and creativity …

It is true that after World War 2 and particularly during the 70s, Paris had lost some of this image. A loss of visibility which was accompanied by the fact that France, in general, had also lost presence and importance within the world elites in the field of the artistic avant-gardes.

Nevertheless, it seems that in the last years, Paris is recovering a central position, its strength of proposition, its impulse and its imprint in the world of the ideas and the new trends. Paris is back, it is there, and seduces us again (if it stopped at a moment making it) because Paris has strength and because he wants it.

It is clear certainly that this city can have strength and some energy if she is the heiress of the impressionism, the cubism, the new figuration and the new realism, for example, or if we go back up farther behind, as Paris is the heiress and is the place of institutions such as the Musée du Louvre, the Comédie Française or the Palais de la Découverte, to quote only the most symbolic in the various domains of the cultural world.

With the conviction that “Paris will always stay in us “, I begin to write this blog. Thank you very much to all those who are going to follow it, I hope not to disappoint your expectations and I would like to engage it a fertile exchange of ideas, of knowledge and of sense of progress.”

It’s very exciting for me to have the opportunity to communicate you the first exhibition in Paris with works og the Gelonch-Viladegut Collection. Between February 13th and Mars 10th, the headquarters of the American University of Paris will present some pieces of the Collection. It’s a great news and a big challenge, but I’m very happy. This exhibition will present a selection of Contemporary Catalan Artists. I like to share this news with you. To see you in Paris!

Attending this event, I would share with you this lovely song of Edith Piaf called Paris. Enjoy!

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