Paris will always stay in us… and London, New York, Berlin,…

When I started this blog in May 2011, the first article was entitled “Paris will always stay in us “. It seems that changing you is a sign of wisdom, or is typical of persons who did not too much think before dashing into an action, then it seems to me today preferable to dedicate this blog to informing about various events (exhibitions, reflections, articles, books, interviews, rankings, etc.) which interested me or which can may interest those who follow this blog, and the Gelonch Viladegut Collection.

Although already Henri IV, according to the legend, said that “Paris is worth a mass”, the reality is that today there are quite a lot of interesting “masses” in Berlin, in New York, in London,… or in many other places of the world. On such events, what I’ve been able to visit and which I shall have been able to have a personal idea and turned out, I shall draft notes in next articles which I shall propose on this blog.

For art’s sake above everything, because art is what interests us and what unites us. Because the shared languages can make us united and because sharing beauty makes us more human.

Thank you for showing interest in what I write! As far as I am concerned, I wish you to continue to follow the fascinating world of the art, at all levels and in all its forms.

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