An imposture and a shame at the Guggenheim in New York

I have to begin by asserting, in order to waive any doubt on this subject, that I love art and plastic arts in particular, and even that I am particularly interested in contemporary art, as can be proved by the place of it in my Collection.

I could also specify that I like good contemporary art, but the degree of excellence degree is obviously a question of personal perception, because no scale for beauty is globally applicable. On the reverse, it is a question of personal vibration and shared opinions.

Then, referring to my personal perception, or to the collective sentiment on the spot, as well as to some published comments, I dare to assert that the “installation” of Hans-Peter Feldmann presented at present to Guggenheim Museum of New York, is less than nothing!

But who is Hans-Peter Feldmann? He is a German artist been born in 1941, a widely recognized figure for conceptual art, having worked in the field of artist’s books and in many  other formats. In 2010 he was awarded a 100.000 USD prize at the 8th biennial event “Hugo Boss Prize”, also rewarded by the right to present an exhibition in the Guggenheim of New York, which he effectively did between May and November, 2011.

And what did he create for this exhibition? Well, he papered several walls of the Museum with 1-dollar bills, or more exactly he put 100.000 bills side by side, so using his endowment of the Price. The so-called exhibition on 9 walls of the Museum has a total length of 45 meters by 5 meters in height. The 100.000 banknotes were real, as we were hardly allowed to approach or touch the so-called “work’ occupying a surface of 225m ².

I could admit that it is a successful craft work or an action of singular do-it-yourself, but to consider it as art seems to me an imposture. As would say Michel Polac (in ” Outside one “) ” create to live or live to create: here is the difference between the craftsman and the artist “. In that case, it seems to me that Feldmann created to live, only to live. It is a shame and a great pity!

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  • Arte29 Jun, 2016 a las 5:32 pm
    excelente entrada para tener en cuenta algunos de los aspectos y acciones deplorables por parte del museo, es una critica fuerte pero real, basada en la experiencia de algunos artistas. importante realizar algo para solucionar este tipod e eventos.


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