“From Paris to New York” in Manresa

From August, 23 to October, 28 it has been possible to visit in the Centre Cultural el Casino in Manresa the exhibition “From Paris to New York. Engravings of the Gelonch Viladegut’s Collection”. With 75 engravings, the goal is to present the evolution of the art and the art’s market between mid-19th century and the end of the 20th century, in both borders of the Atlantic Ocean.
In the exhibition we could see works of Corot, Rodin, Casas, Miró, Picasso, Renoir, Le Corbusier, Arp, Guinovart, Dalí, Joan Ponç, Tàpies, Warhol, Nancy Spero, Lichtenstein, etc.
It’s a coproduction engaging  Diputació of Barcelona, Gelonch Viladegut Collection, Manresa City Town,  Museu Comarcal de Manresa and  Museo Abelló in Mollet del Vallès.


Exhibition’s mounting pictures


Pictures of the opening cerimony


Exhibition’s pictures


Pictures of the guided visit to exhibition. Thanks to + of 40 persons who came!


Exhibition Results