Deposit of the Collection at Museu de Lleida

Since 11 March 2020, the Gelonch Viladegut Collection has been entirely deposited at the Lleida Museum.


According to its Director, Antoni Gelonch Viladegut, “today I could say, without fear of error, that I am a happy person.Happy to see the positive culmination of a project;happy to be accompanied by my family and by so many friends, by people I love; and happy, in personal and collective terms, because of this desire to leave a mark, to imbue me with a sense of transcendence, of knowing that I am a link in the passage of generations. For this sense of link of a chain I have decided to deposit the entire Collection in the Museu de Lleida.Because I understand that a Collection must be an instrument at the service of culture, at the service of the diffusion of art and at the service of intellectual progress”.


The deposit consists of 1,001 engravings, from the fifteenth century to the present day, and the various techniques and languages are represented.They include works by Dürer, Rembrandt, Piranesi, Goya, Fortuny, Picasso, Miró, Warhol and Barceló, among others.This is the most important deposit in the history of the Museum.

Images of the Ceremony: