“Images to believe” in Museu de Lleida


From January 22 to April 28, 2019 it has been possible to visit in the Temporary Exhibitions Room of the Museu de Lleida (carrer Sant Crist, 1) the exhibition “Images to believe. Catholics and Protestants in Europe and Catalonia. 16-18th centuries”, making on by Museu d’Història de Barcelona and Museu de Lleida with the collaboration of the Gelonch-Viladegut’s Collection.


Opening invitation

Pictures of the Opening Ceremony (22.01.2019)


Exhibition’s pictures


Exhibition’s banners


Complementary activities

  • for school children: “Imatges per creure: Del gravat a Instagram”
  • Guided tours of the exhibition:

    18/5/2019  Lleida Museum:  Nit dels Museus i Dia Internacional dels Museus

  • June 13 and 14 2019: Day “SAGRAT I PROFÀ: TEATRE, FESTA I LITÚRGIA. La tradició medieval i els efectes del Concili de Trento”



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