Look Rembrandt

“Look Rembrandt”

Rembrandt is a timeless genius who explores new ways, opens unknown windows in the world of art and brinds the European values. If Catalan culture wants to continue to be and feel, it must solemnly remember it. And it is the will of “Mirar Rembrandt”: to disclose part of the work of the great Dutch artist, whom we are commemorating this year the 350 anniversary of his death, and make us present in the European transcultural movement around his work.
Through a brief but consistent immersion in Greek and Roman mythologies, an approach to the art of engraving and an exhaustive analysis of Rembrandt’s mythological engravings, Antoni Gelonch offers us a careful and unusually revealing radiography of a little-known facet of one of the great baroque masters of all time.
Rembrandt continues to look at and question us; and do we know how to look at him?
Text by Antoni Gelonch
Introduction by Mr. Francesc Fontbona, member of Institut d’Estudis Catalans and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Sant Jordi
Edited by Viena Edicions
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