“Napoleó, la Revolució i els catalans”

This book explores why the ideas of the French Revolution did not get here enough and why there was a closing of ranks. And it explains why the poor digestion of the events of the early nineteenth century brought misery, war and absolutism throughout that century.  

The book also speaks of relations between neighbours, of the plans of Robespierre and Napoleon for Catalonia, of the Napoleonic administrative organization in the Catalan country, of animosities, of revolts, of Bayonne, of Cadiz, of fears, of relations, of wars, of kinship, of misgivings, of solidarity, of suspicions, of feelings…, of the human condition! Not in vain, history is subject to the endless dances that dance chaos and complexity.

Introduction by Joan Queralt

Published by Viena Edicions. ISBN: 978-84-17998-73-8