El velló d’or

Author: Orazio Borgianni

Title: El velló d’or

Period: 17th Century

Date:: 1615

Technique: Etching

Dimensions: 16,3 x 19,5 cm

Registry number: GE-719

Orazio Borgianni

Roma, c. 1575

Orazio Borgianni (6 April 1574 – 14 January 1616) was an Italian painter and etcher of the Mannerist and early-Baroque periods. He was the stepbrother of the sculptor and architect Giulio Lasso.

Borgianni was born in Rome, where he was documented in February 1604. He was instructed in the art of painting by his brother, Giulio Borgianni, called Scalzo. The patronage by Philip II Of Spain induced him to visit that Spain, where he signed an inventory in January 1605. He returned to Rome from Spain after April 1605 at the height of his career, and most of the work of his maturity was carried out 1605-16. In Spain, he signed a petition to begin an Italianate academy of painting and executed a series of nine paintings for the Convento de Portacoeli, Valladolid, where they remain. From his time in Spain, there remain two of his paintings in the Prado Museum: St Christopher and the Stigmatization of St Francis.

On his return to Rome he was patronized by the Spanish ambassador, for whom he painted several pictures, and he was also...

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