Mother and child

Author: Henry Moore

Title: Mother and child

Period: 20th Century

Date:: 1976

Technique: Litography

Dimensions: 33 x 34 cm

Series number: I/X

Registry number: GE-192

Henry Moore

Castleford (Reino Unido), 1898

Henry Spencer Moore (30 July 1898 – 31 August 1986) was an English sculptor and artist. He was best known for his semi-abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art.

His forms are usually abstractions of the human figure, typically depicting mother-and-child or reclining figures. Moore’s works are usually suggestive of the female body, apart from a phase in the 1950s when he sculpted family groups. His forms are generally pierced or contain hollow spaces. Many interpreters liken the undulating form of his reclining figures to the landscape and hills of his birthplace, Yorkshire.

The aftermath of World War II, The Holocaust, and the age of the atomic bomb instilled in the sculpture of the mid-1940s a sense that art should return to its pre-cultural and pre-rational origins. In the literature of the day, writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre advocated a similar reductive philosophy. Moore’s sense of England emerging undefeated from siege led to his focus on pieces characterized by endurance and continuity.

Moore’s signature form is a reclining figure. Moore’s exploration of this form,...

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