Tower and Plan of Babel

Author: Augustin Calmet

Title: Tower and Plan of Babel

Period: 18th Century

Date:: 1725

Technique: Etching

Dimensions: 32 x 43 cm

Registry number: GE-695

Augustin Calmet

Ménil-la-Horgne (Francia), 1672

Antoine Augustin Calmet, O.S.B. (Ménil-la-Horgne, Duchy of Bar, 26 February 1672 – Senones Abbey, 25 October 1757), was a French Benedictine monk.

Calmet was a pious monk as well as a learned man, and one of the most distinguished members of the Congregation of St. Vanne. In recognition of these qualities he was elected prior of Lay-Saint-Christophe in 1715, Abbot of St-Léopold at Nancy in 1718, and of Senones Abbey in 1729. He was twice entrusted with the office of Abbot General of the congregation. Pope Benedict XIII wished to confer episcopal dignity upon him, but his humility could not be brought to accept the honor. Calmet was greatly admired by the philosopher Voltaire, who visited the abbey on several occasions.

Calmet was educated at the Benedictine priory of Breuil and in 1688 joined the same Order at the Abbey of Saint-Mansuy at Toul, where he was admitted to profession on the following year. After his ordination, he was appointed to teach philosophy and theology at the Abbey of Moyenmoutier. Here, he began to gather the material for his commentary of...

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